Tuesday, 4 January 2011


This blog started retrospectively and it’s been difficult to move out of that tense. It’s been an extremely helpful activity, but to continue being useful I think it’s got to be more immediate and risky. So I’m not sure what that means in relation to content, there might be more crap but it’s not a show. I can and should make more work, but I think another dimension needs to be added here – the things I encounter, I will endeavour to do more of this in 2011.

Peppermint studios 1996

So the end of last year was a little distracting, as I let other things take over. There had been some play with the camera in the studio – results seemed quite simple and obvious, and that idea got in the way actually…. Talking to an artist friend about this we admitted the danger of constantly looking for complexity at the cost of whatever is actually in front of you and its potential.

These experiments reference things I did a long time ago, I’m hoping that revisiting this stuff over a decade later may offer something I hadn’t anticipated…

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