Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Open Studios

I did the open studio thing a couple of weeks ago, which provided an opportunity to watch my film behave as a projection. Open studios isn't generally the ideal situation to show a film work. The piece itself is quite contemplative and has a great deal of silence punctuated by sound – plus the long echoey corridor adjacent didn’t really help matters. You realise pretty quickly that only 10% of those viewing it might attempt to watch the entire thing – but that’s a hazard of video I spose. Also I reckon there are lots of preconceptions about what an open studio is (apart from the expectation of actual art objects i.e. paintings and things) they are characteristically social events.

But despite this it was a really useful exercise, some issues were immediately clear for example my treatment of the transitioning between subtitles. There were also (embarrassingly) lots of typos, which seemed invisible on a small screen. Especially whilst dealing with all the other elements of editing. So it was good idea to try it as a test bed to help iron the thing out.

But the process of making the movie has stimulated a desire to make one more show out of this project. I want to make some new objects, screen the film and continue to finish some animation I’ve been working on over the summer. All this I think - with re-visitation and maybe some reworking of a few components from the last solo show.

Now the only thing is to work out where to have it, how to pay for it, and how to fit it in between another kind of creation, which will soon be upon me…

Friday, 4 October 2013

Open House

I've finally got a first edit of my film and I'm gonna try out a test screening in mi studio at Lewisham Arthouse. Opening tonight from 6-9pm Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th 12-6pm. 

Come by theres plenty to see this weekend in sunny Deptford.