Thursday, 12 July 2012

Self made…

I have to admit that I was also a fan of the Grayson Perry ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’ on Channel 4 last month. Straight off the title takes me back to Kenny Everett as Cupid Stunt flinging his legs around with his plastic boobs bobbing about. 

But apart from the nostalgia, I thought Mr Perry had some really pertinent things to say about class and taste.  Despite looking at this through a purely English lens, if anything it enabled people to see parallels with issues resonating within their own circumstances.  For example, I like the idea of the plight of the ‘self-made’ middle classes being in-between without much of a yardstick to go by… the anxiety about how to live, what to consume, how morally upstanding to be – and all this with an awareness of privilege living in the middle. Then he presents the Upper classes as carrying the burden of preservation, upholding family heritage, culture and tradition. Honestly when you saw how some of these people lived - it were as if they were living in a giant sarcophagus. Perry talked about these issues very eloquently and depicted his perspective without mercy. I especially liked the lord of the manor as a dying breed, being hunted down by the nouveau riche.

The programme got me thinking afterwards about heritage, and my place in its preservation or perpetration. I’ve always been quite cavalier about it. Not that I haven’t cared about it; I’ve always felt weary of feeling burdened. How much does one depend or use history to foster new narratives? It might sound like a strange thing to say, but sometimes it feels like you’re competing with history. I’ve been kind stuck on the ole Maurice tale - and I must admit slightly conscious of the B word, as for some it seems like old news. These are the extremes of this artist lark… you’re either obsessed with your work or just in doubt.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A new edition

I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog of late, summer even when its raining is eventful enough - millions of degree shows, tennis the odd barbeque… oh! And I did a kids workshop with a couple of really talented guys. They’re an animation and sound duo called Sculpture - these guys collage bits of audiotape, found sounds and footage, bringing the zoetrope into the present by using a record deck and video camera to simulate that 19th century technology. We had a group of 15 kids ranging from 10 - 14 years old. They really ran with the idea and created some brilliant stuff. 
I like way these aside experiences connect with what’s happening in your own creative little universe. I was drawn to Sculptures oscillating visuals; there was an affinity with the animation I made this year. I wanted to make a phonotropic disk - fortunately an opportunity fell into my lap where I could do it in a fun way. Not sure if there is anything in it as yet, but I have made a little edition of my spot film for numbe82. I’m not really an editions type of artist, but actually I really like them and think there might be scope to make another lightbox type assemble.  On this occasion I made a set of 15, but I have over 150 frames, which might make a lovely little collection. They will be on sale during Deptford x at number82, so if you’re interested pop over to Tanners Hill SE8 between 27 July -12 August and pick one up…