Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Dec 2010

So the drawings have paused for a while, jus a little while though - I need a little more tactility and I hoping in time that the two may come together in someway. Actually, my hang-up with sculpture has always been about hankering for sensuality, perhaps above and beyond more ‘formal’ concerns. In fact, for many years the work struggled to have structural integrity and always depended on some sort of assistance on my part, once somebody described my pieces a ‘handicapped’.

Now arriving back at form exploiting that instability seems to make sense, although right now I feel like I need to get acquainted with working in physical space again. I’m sketching at the moment, playing - thinking about the work in pieces. This just came about in an afternoon after seeing a show; I think the important thing to take away from it is the fact that nothing was fixed. It was a loose assembly of things in my studio, which have already devolved back into functional objects or parts of other sculptural propositions.

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