Thursday, 17 February 2011


So I may have mentioned that I’m in a group show at Dilston Grove ' Concretum', I spent the last few weeks trying to bring the piece together. I’m quite pleased with how its progressing - although a little worried about how it will weather in the space. I like churches, I like the idea of what a structure like that promises. If you have enough faith you will never be disappointed, as the rewards come after death... It requires a lot of faith to make art, but unlike the afterlife disappointment is never far away….

Falling/fallen hairball 2011

So in this church I remembered Maurice, patron saint of knights and dyers, apparently of Coptic origin. Going back to my Christian roots, I wanted to make a piece that would somehow probe the faith imbued in a object (or in symbol), the idea that this thing could somehow facilitate transcendence…

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