Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The needs of the individual vs the needs of the many…

Dandelion Dispersal St Lucia 2007

Trying to reconcile local, more personal considerations with broader issues is challenging. I’ve been preoccupied with ‘community’ for several years, mainly because of my own crappy attempts at trying to fit into them.

Quarter Poncho 2002

There is always a tension between the individual and a group, how much of one’s subjectivity is sacrificed for the sake of consensus, group identity and cohesion? If I were to draw a diagram starting from the ego (lets make it a dot), you would find several circles encompassing it - but I've decided to start again at that dot…

Blackone 2009

This was my last attempt at making an object. Actually the haptic experience was a little disappointing - I much preferred it wet in the dark.

Its black all the way through, but not many people knew that. That information was important for me. Its a reminder of my grandma's nagging, making sure I walked out the house with good nickers on!

As an idea I knew it was a singular thing, but I battled with the temptation to cut it in half to expose its innards. Its a composite, a total - I can't help thinking about everything in those terms now.

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