Monday, 3 September 2012


So what’s been happening this summer?

I managed to get to the odd show or two, a beautiful video installation at the Tate Tanks by Sung Hwan Kim – in fact the Tanks are a very brave departure for Tate, hopefully it will draw a larger audience to installation and performance art. It’s not quite so Tate friendly, but I think that’s ok - it can’t all be user friendly and funfair all the time. It a beautiful and sensitive installation, (if you don't mind the dark) go and see it.

I took part in huge group show for a short spell, spent a few hours of tinkering here and there with the work… but I have to admit being well distracted by the rare sunny days we’ve had and the Olympics.

I kinda got into a new routine with it, and was lucky enough to see some finals in the stadium – I’m not madly into sports but do revel in herd behavior from time to time. I found the focus on athlete’s psychology really fascinating, and the perpetually reiterated equation of hard work equalling success…. What kind of success are they talking about - shiny medal success??? A friend of mine reckoned the medal made life that much simpler. I wondered whether he was being a tad judgmental at first, but actually some things are less clearly delineated as goals and so corresponds your own perception of achieving them - some are short term and other goals become…. revised.

It’s been heroics all summer, I was swept away by the Olympians and almost jealous by how these individuals galvanised and inspired the populous. We all need heroes, although I haven’t much taste for admiration of any entire individual really.  I like the idea of moments – notable gestures and actions. That way you get the best facets and discard the shit bits lol!

Finally I’m gaining some ground with this book/object/thing. The idea of writing got the better of me. While being introduced to avant garde publishing house Gaberbocchus press, Stefan Thermerson (one of the founders) didn’t describe himself in nouns i.e. artist, poet etc, but in a series of casually sequenced verbs - that humility made the task a bit more approachable.

Anyway thinking of best bits, hagiography and martyred Maurice (who has become a bit of a hero) it made sense to bring another hero into the mix. He’s not exactly my hero, but he is heroic in terms of making sculpture. I'm wondering how many heroes or bits of heroes  might figure in this? it is probable that the conflict between these differing influences might just spill over...

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