Thursday, 28 April 2011

One and Many

My philosophy is take advantage when high pressure reaches the UK… I persuaded the other half to accompany me to Turner contemporary, Margate’s major public space which opened a couple of weeks ago. I reckon I saw the place at its best - in the sunshine. The show was kind spectacular big works, big spaces, lots of light – it’s just enough to digest on the beach afterwards with a drink.

Eruption 2005

I was most intrigued by the work of Teresita Fernandez. Fernandez interests lie in landscape and natural phenomena, a major component of Eruption were thousands of glass beads. It sucks you in – from afar the object appears as one mass - on an intimate level the various components reveal themselves. While I was standing there, the conservator popped along and refilled it – I was delighted by this little bit of information and regarded the piece on a different level. Yes, generally most objects are an assembly of parts but I loved the fluidity she created within a static object.

Sfumato 2009

The other piece Sfumato (made using lumps of graphite) resembled smoke, a loose form, both a drawing and a relief at the same time. Subject aside, looking through work there is a preoccupation with creating mutable phenomena such as water. These works resonated very much with the things I’ve been thinking about; states of matter (on an atomic level) but mainly (and this is the thing I’ve been trying get my head around) the notion of multiplicity.

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